LGBTQ2 Themed Workshops & Presentations

In our 25 year history serving York Region Residents we have had the honour to learn alongside all of you. In an effort to improve the lived-experience of LGBTQ2 folks and folks and the experiences of their families, friends and allies we strive to share as many of our learns as possible and encourage you to do the same.

Our Training and Workshops usually take the form of one of two options below. If however you are seeking something specific and customized to the needs of your audience we encourage you to reach out. We have provided custom presentations to organizations like York Region District School Board, Johnson & Johnson, York Regional Police and many more!

We do ask for an honorarium starting at $200 depending on the type of presentation or workshop you are seeking. These donations help us cover the cost of operating our charity and investing in service delivery.

Reach out to for more details.

LGBTQ2 101

This presentation is for audiences seeking a basic understanding of the differences between sexual orientation/identity, gender identity/expression and physical/emotional attraction.

We talk about many identities in detail, provide research and data stats on what today’s LGBTQ2 lived-experience is like offer tips on how to be a better Ally. Q&A Timing is optional.

45min without Q&A period

LGBTQ2 101 – Deep Dive

In addition to the topics covered in “LGBTQ2 101” we place today’s lived experience within a historical context and ask “how did we get here?”.

We share an overview of the history of Queer lived-experiences; pre and post colonization of Turtle Island and cover important moments in Canadian Queer History.

We review recent events in Canada to illustrate how responses from today’s community and institutions were shaped by our history.

minimum 90 minutes without Q&A period