Announcing “ScapeGOAT” from Done For Fun (D.F.F.) Productions 

In Partnership with Pflag York Region

We believe scapegoating has two victims, the people being scapegoated and the people who are led to believe the lies. Recent years has seen a rise in anti-trans rhetoric from the far-right. To better promote and espouse this discriminatory rhetoric, these groups seek to create and exploit channels of misinformation with dangerous and often inflammatory and devastating results. ScapeGOAT, a new documentary from D.F.F. Productions, in partnership with Pflag Canada York Region will explore and expose these new dynamics in our everyday culture. 

Directed by Aaron Sheedy, ScapeGOAT will follow Brodi-Tyler, a trans man who will take the audience on a journey of understanding the source of today’s Scapegoating of trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming folk and the people who fall victim to believing these narratives. 

D.F.F. Productions is a small business owned by Aaron Sheedy and Shane Morrison. In D.F.F. productions, “D.F.F.” stands for “Done for Fun” and their films are not corporate ventures. ScapeGOAT is also supported by Patty Retsinas as a Producer and Creative Director and Tristan Coolman; President of Pflag York Region, as a Producer. This film is a deeply personal project for all involved. 

To reach the finish line, projects like this require cash donations or things we could otherwise purchase with cash. Pflag York Region has set up a dedicated donation page through where all donations received will be used to support the production and distribution of ScapeGOAT. From homemade food for our production crews on shoot days, funding for production support or donating your time to support post-production development of the film; we’re open to it all. This is a grass-roots film that belongs to the community and we encourage anyone with the means to support the production of the film in anyway they can. 

CanadaHelps supports charities and non-profits by providing the platform for the public to donate and for charities to receive those donations electronically with the lowest service fees in the industry and support donors with easy access to track their donations and manage their tax receipts. 

Project Partners

urBasics stands as a growing Canadian brand specializing in gender-affirming gear and apparel. Their diverse collection features high-quality gear suitable for individuals across the gender spectrum, catering to various stages of transition. From sleek and minimalist designs to vibrant and expressive styles, urBasics recognizes the need for diverse options that cater to the unique preferences and identities of those exploring their gender.

The brand’s founders, a transwoman from Toronto, and her supportive mother, strongly advocate for the significance of appropriate gear in fostering  affirming experiences and nurturing the well-being of individuals navigating their gender identity.